Sunday, February 17, 2008

Choking "Game" is No Game

Blocking blood and air flow to the body and brain just until passing out in hopes of achieving a "high" is no game. But today, the "choking game" is play to many adolesents.

That is not the biggest problem. Many young people are dying.

"At least 82 children have died in recent years as a result of playing this game," according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The game and it popularity appear to be spreading. Critics say it is because of the internet. It makes information on the game much more accessable.

You Tube has several videos warning against the game but many more on techniques and how to acheive this high.

To spot abusers of this game look for blood shot eyes, marks on the neck, disorientation, and severe headaches.

For the full NY Times story go here.

For the Houston Press story about the chocking game go here.

For more information on games adolesents shouldn't play, visit the GASP site.

What is the choking game?

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